Progress Report - Week 3

Here are some updates on Project 1:

I have completed the first After Effects exercise for this project. In this animation, I tried to use several skills I already had while also introducing new techniques I hadn't tried before. Some of the techniques I hadn't used before include complex masking and linking of layers complex use of alpha mattes, camera shake, and the audio visualizer effect. This project was also a good refresher on some techniques I hadn't used in a while, like using strokes to reveal artwork, masking objects, using the typewriter effect, and creating a jittery, "hand-drawn" effect.

While working on this assignment, I ran into some sort of strange sizing issue. Somewhere between the creation of my assets, the creation of the composition, or potentially in the resizing of the composition, all my assets would be stretched when I placed them in so they had to be resized. Any time I would try to rotate or scale objects, they would warp, presumably to their original dimensions. Next time I put together an After Effects project, like Project 1, I'll be more organized and precise when it comes to the setup before the actual animation process begins.

As for the rest Project 1, I am very close to finalizing my script. It should be completed by class on Monday. Right now it is very long, I may need to simplify sections to cut down on runtime.


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