Progress Report - Project 2

Over the last few weeks, I finished up the underdrawings for all 5 illustrations. Now I just need to execute the final rendered versions.

1 - The Wastelander meets the pigeon.

2 - The Wastelander find the device on the pigeon's back.

3 - The Wastelander climbs the pole to her nest.

4 - The Wastelander connects her laptop to her power supply.

5 - The laptop loads the video saved on the device.

I also created the prototype for the AR element. Instead of Adobe Aero, I discovered an app on my own phone made by Samsung called Picture Link. The app is not quite as advanced as Aero, but it achieves the effect I am looking for. In this test, I used a print of mine with the animation I made from it, as well as a random song to test audio. For the final, I will ensure that the size of the video is the same as the print so they overlay more appropriately.


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