Progress Report - Week 2

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

This week I began work on Exercise 1 and Project 1. Starting with the After Effects exercise, I chose a clip from the film Baby Driver. I created a rough storyboard to act as the roadmap for the animation process.

In the clip, Doc (Kevin Spacey) is explaining a heist plan. The plan is laid out on the chalkboard behind him, so for a part of the full clip I will have a sequence of the plan being drawn out on the chalkboard. I took screenshots from the film to piece together the full drawing, so my drawings mimic the actual drawing in the film.

For the rest of the animation, I'll be partially mimicking the style of the title cards from one of the trailers for the film.

Assets for this animation are about half-way completed, and animation for the chalkboard sequence is nearly complete.

As for the main After Effects project, I have selected my topic and finished my creative brief (which can be found in the class Google Drive). I will now start the script, storyboard, and asset creation. My short video is on the topic of Confederate imagery in state flags. It will give brief overview of the history of the flag, its modern day usage, and similar imagery that can be seen in state flags today. It will make the case that these flags should be changed to eliminate the racist connotation from our nation today.

I have nearly completed research. I have several articles saved and I will be compiling the most important info from each into my script. I may not end up using all of these, and I may still need more, but you can see some of my sources here:,who%20carried%20them%20in%20battle.

Finally, I'll be putting together my mood board before I begin creating assets. Updates to come next week.


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