Progress Report - Project 2

This week, I made some progress on the planning of my final project. Sketches for the compositions of the drawings are still in progress, trying to nail down the best shot for each beat. I did, however, finish the character design for the Wastelander.

She wears small solar chargers on her body to gather as much electricity as possible during her travels. Her backpack carries a slightly larger panel, and a cargo net holds a portable battery to store any collected electricity.

On this sketch, I also dropped in a few colors using the Risograph swatches I made, however I don't think this is the rendering style I will end up using for these illustrations. As another Riso style experiment, I drew this small toilet (which I will be printing on the Riso this week and using as a sign for the Riso lab techs to indicate they're using the restroom). This may be a rendering style I will lean towards, however I will likely need to use fewer colors and less detail to finish all the drawings. After I print the toilet, I'll be able to more clearly understand how I want to render my illustrations.


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