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We'll Do Anything You Say

An illustrated cover for We'll Do Anything You Say, an erotic novella by Anonymous.

Back cover photo provided by author.


“The cheerful wood stove at our feet formed a silky puddle of warmth that enclosed us, while outside this one-room arctic shack, in deepest darkness the wind howled mercilessly, blowing snow sideways, piling it into thick drifts against the door.  Sophie, her two younger sisters, Tess and Katherine, like three soft kittens, and me, a tall scarecrow of a man, were sharing this heavy, legless wooden bed, nestled together beneath a thick well-worn quilt, in a century-old ramshackle trading post, on an uninhabited island entrapped in polar ice, hundreds of miles from the nearest living soul… if indeed anyone else still existed on earth after the great pandemic.”

Client // Anonymous

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