"Poo Man!" Zine

This 16-page zine is composed of word balloons lifted from Poo Man, a series of short comics I created as a child (circa 2004-2007).

Removing the speech balloons from their original absurd scenarios exemplifies the freedom in my decision-making at that time and highlights the unapologetic imperfection of childhood art creation. To me, these comics represent a time when my artmaking was not limited by a fear of failure.

The comics were drawn in pen with no preliminary pencil drawing, leaving mistakes like misspellings visible in the final art. They had no script or predetermined plot, each panel simply responded to the preceding panel. The illustrations were drawn without regard for balloon placement, leading to some unconventional balloon shapes that distort around the contours of figures to fit within the negative space. Balloons were often drawn before the text, forcing the text to be either condensed into a small space or spilling out from the boundaries of the balloon. Some panels were arranged with no regard for speaking order.

The Risograph printed zine format also calls back to the low-tech, cut-and-fold, photocopier “publications” I used to produce as a child.

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